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Revive Those “Dead” Leads

Here’s something you can try TODAY to create business.

Our old friend Dean Jackson shared this with me years ago, and it works like crazy!

The holidays are officially over…and everyone is back to work.

These natural breaks in the year are the perfect time to reconnect with people who
may have slipped through the cracks…or have been waiting to make a move or refinance.

Here’s how it works…

Gather up all the leads you generated from last year who did not buy or sell with you.

Anyone older than 60 or 90 days is perfect.

Look in your email inbox, online leads, notepads in your desk drawer…your sofa cushions
…in your car…anywhere you might find what you would consider “dead” leads.

Send them an email that simply says…
“Are you still looking for a house in Florida? “

Just put their name in the Subject line.

Don’t put any other explanation or extra words in the email.

You’re going to have to fight the temptation to “solve the mystery” by adding more to the email :)

It’s the simplicity, and the unsolved mystery that makes this work so well.

The best part about it is the way people feel compelled to respond.
Watch what happens.

It’s almost like you walked in to Starbucks and you see someone in line…
and you haven’t seen them in awhile.

It would be perfectly natural and conversational to ask “Are you still looking for a house in San Francisco?”
…and then you would wait for them to reply.

If you asked them, and just looked at them, it would be pretty awkward if they DIDN’T reply.

That’s kind of what’s happening here. We’re using email to start a conversation.

There’s plenty of time to carry on the conversation after they reply…but for right now…
we’re just looking to see who’s willing to engage in a dialogue.

Try it today and let us know what happens. It’s one of the most amazing magic tricks I know…
and I can’t wait to hear how it works for you.

Happy New Year!

John and Michael

PS – Thanks again to Dean for sharing this with me so I could share it with you.