7 Ideas to Move Your Listings

Selling real estate in today’s market requires more than knowledge and a go-get-‘em attitude. Successful real estate professionals are willing to use creative strategies when representing sellers, even if that means trying something new. Here are seven ideas that may be just what you need to move your latest listing.

Dress up the signage. Make sure buyers can see your sign after dark by investing in solar-powered lighting. Include a QR code on each sign so potential buyers can scan it with their smartphones and get more information — pictures, video, a full list of amenities — about the property. A Talking House radio transmitter will let passersby listen to a home’s features from the comfort of their cars. Simply post a sign that lets them know how to tune in.  Even better, have a lead capture 800# with a recorded message about the home.

Practice Feng Shui. We all know that home staging is an important part of the home selling process, but it doesn’t have to stop at fresh paint and potted plants. Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of balancing the energy (chi) of a space for optimal harmony, could help too. Check out fengshui.about.com for resources.

Host a party. Take the idea of an open house one step further and hold an open house party. Offer wine, hors d’oeuvres and live music. The time and effort put into this could pay off when you create a buzz about the property.

Create a better informational flyer. Yes, potential buyers appreciate the one-page flyer listing the home’s details and amenities. But what about all of the nearby conveniences? Include local shopping centers, schools, hospitals, fire stations, restaurants, parks and other attractions as way to showcase more of the home’s benefits.

Offer extras. You can offer a pricey, luxury item like a flat screen TV, or more practical incentives, like a furniture allowance, flooring allowance, a year’s worth of yard care or a year’s worth of HOA fees. Offer a referral incentive — say, a $200 gift card — to the friend and colleague who helps you find a buyer.

Harness technology. Listing the house on the local MLS and your website is a good start, but try other online tactics. Purchase online ads to display on Google or Facebook (the sites have tutorials that make it easy to set up an ad campaign). You have free options, too: Tweet photos of the property to your Twitter followers and encourage them to retweet.

Let them sleep on it. It may sound like a radical move, but some sellers allow serious buyers to spend the night in their home. It’s perhaps the best way to give them the experience of actually living there. It may not be feasible in all selling situations, but for others, it might just close the sale.

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