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Did you know that 97% of our Community Members are introduced to us by happy satisfied Members like you?  Your introductions and referrals allow us to spend the majority of our time and energy creating better systems and strategies to better help you succeed right now.  We don’t spend our time or money on advertising to people we don’t know.

Because we value our Members, we will reward you each time you introduce a new Member to the Work Smart Be Smart Community.  We have provided you an Affiliate Marketing Agreement and Link.  Share this link with everyone you introduce to us, and when they sign up we pay you $10 for each person every month they are an active member of WSBS.

Do the math and you can see that when you introduce 10 new members to the Community we pay you a total $100 each month for ever month they are a member.  Introduce 25 new members and we pay you $250 each month.  There is no limit to what you can make.

This pays for your Work Smart Be Smart System and then some!

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