How To Systematize Anything In 3 Steps

Learn how you can systematize any task, routine, whatever in 3 steps.
Step 1- list every detail of the item you want to systematize
Step 2- segment the details into like categories for chronological sorting and delegation
Step 3- segment the groups and details into chronological order and template it as the way you do it every time. Automate it and use internet based tools if possible to template the process. Outsource your processes whenever possible.

Green Screen Studio – Quick Look Around

I have people ask me often what my setup is like to shoot videos.  I shoot videos in a few different places but in the green screen studio that I created it looks like this:  10×20 chroma green backdrop, 2 $6 Home Depot sheetrock lights to light backdrop with 100watt bulbs in each, overhead 100watt light shining down, 2 soft box lights in front one with 200watts the other with 100 watts.  Then I have my iPad sitting on a piece of wood that I made an angled channel cut so a piece of glass (from an 8×10 frame) fits in and the camera is mounted to the wood at the back so you look through the glass to see the camera.  If you want any other closeups, feel free to ask…
The backdrop green screen you can find here
The light boxes you can find here in a kit
And the ProPrompTer App can be found here
C. Spencer Reynolds