Email Error or Bouncback- Mailer Daemon

When you get a “Failed Delivery” email from MAILER-DAEMON or a Mail Delivery Subsystem, it means a message you sent was undeliverable, and has been “bounced” back to you.

Bounced messages normally consist of two parts:
The first part contains the reason for the bounce.
The second part contains your original message. That’s convenient, because Failed Deliveries usually happen when you mis-typed a person’s email address. If that’s the case, you can simply copy and paste your message from this second part, and re-send it.

Double-check the spelling of the address you entered. A single incorrect letter or number will cause a failed delivery.

Incorrect Domain
If the person to whom you’re trying to send an email uses Yahoo! Mail under a domain other than .com (for example, or, ensure that you’ve entered that domain correctly. Email addresses that incorrectly end with won’t automatically be re-routed to the country you’re hoping to reach.
This error accounts for many failed deliveries.

Their Account
If you’ve verified the address and you continue to receive failed delivery messages, the other person’s account could be having problems, or a filter on their end could be blocking your messages.

Over quota
If the second part of a “Failed Delivery” message says,
“This user is over quota”
then your recipient has used up all the space in their email account. Call and ask them to delete some emails so your message can get through! :o)



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