Getting More YouTube Video Views

Increase exposure with these 7 tips. 

The value of video in real estate marketing is well-established.  From introducing yourself to clients online to providing in-depth tours of your premium listings, video is one of the best ways to leverage your marketing efforts online.  They’re shareable, they’re engaging, and they’re also reported to help with your overall visibility in search engines.

Shooting a video isn’t enough to get it viewed, though.  There’s no “build it and they will come” magic at work here. In order to make sure the videos you post get the exposure you’re looking for, you need to place them in a way which gives you the best shot at earning additional traffic.

This article by SocialTimes, “7 Little Known Tricks That Will Get You More YouTube Views” provides actionable, tactical tips. The ideas include:

1. Annotations across videos (the habit of linking one video to other videos with clickable, in-video notes)

2. Playlists (videos chained together… imagine, all of your listings in a playlist)

3. Subscribers (getting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel)

4. Bulletins (updates pushed through YouTube to your subscribers’ YouTube home page)

5. Video responses (posting a video in response to a video)

6. Community (commenting and subscribing to others’ channels)

7. Topical content (a video about what’s going on right now)

For a closer look at each of these tips (as well as examples of how they work), read the original article on SocialTimes:

Getting More YouTube Video Views 

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