Grow Your Business On LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn as a Lead Generation Tool

How LinkedIn can generate new business leads.

LinkedIn ( is an online networking community created to connect friends,
colleagues, clients and potential new customers.  Here are some ideas for using LinkedIn for lead

Connect with all new relationships — Every time you enter new leads into your database system,
send these same people a LinkedIn invitation.  Once you are connected, you have access to the
person’s profile, posts, connection list,  joined groups, and employment history.  This helps you
learn more about them, which gives you a foundation on which to maintain a relationship.

Become an authority by posting value-added content — LinkedIn lets you post updates
with links or attachments.  This is a great place to post important and relevant articles.  If someone
reads it,  and wants to learn more, they can easily contact you.  They can also share the content so
that their connections see your post and expand your reach.

Answer questions that target your expertise — LinkedIn has a section where members ask
questions and you can post answers.  Monitor this section for opportunities to share your expertise
and gain new connections. Don’t self-promote.  Use the opportunity to make it all about solving
your potential customer’s problems, it is all about them.  

Join groups and be active — This is another way to monitor customer’s needs and give input
that could inspire people to connect with you or visit your profile.  Remember business-to business lead generation, one good business connection can open an entirely new group of prospects.  BNI and other networking Groups are a great place to find referral partners.

• Make sure your LinkedIn profile targets your audience and shows that you know how to
solve their problems and your profile is 100% complete with a good picture.  
• Post value-added content that helps readers solve problems

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