Networking Skills

10 Tips To Improve Networking Skills

Business Management Daily

  1. Start with the people you al­­ready know.  Networking isn’t only about meeting new people. It’s also about strengthening relationships with people you already know.
  2. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t need to network.  You will need it at some point.
  3. Don’t force your business cards on people.  Offer your card only after you’ve had a conversation and asked for the other person’s card.
  4. Establish expectations.  Tell people when and how you’ll contact them, and follow through.
  5. Pose good questions.  Questions that don’t go straight to a person’s profession can make for deeper, more memorable connections.
  6. Create a connections calendar.  This helps you remember to keep in touch with people every month or so.
  7. Find out what others need.  Then try to help them get it by connecting them to people you know.
  8. Give before you receive.  Net­­work­­ing is a two-way street. Don’t ex­­­­pect something in return immediately.
  9. Ask yourself “Why should they care?”  This will help you come up with a way to describe yourself and what you do that will be interesting to others.
  10. Talk less than you listen.  You can’t learn about other people if you’re doing all of the talking.

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