Over 100 Ideas For Realtor Blog Posts

Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog

  1. Metro Area Quarterly Market reports
  2. Neighborhood Market Reports / Sales Data
  3. How’s the Market in XYZ Neighborhood?
  4. Local Adsorption Rates
  5. Most expensive recent sales in XYZ neighborhood or town
  6. “Dream” homes for sale in XYZ neighborhood or city
  7. Celebrity home sales
  8. Home buyer incentives
  9. Interest rate changes (or forecasted changes)
  10. Changes in current legislation (that would be important to home buyers or home owners)
  11. Case Schiller monthly affordability index (i.e. “Is it a good time to buy or invest?”)
  12. Why Buyers and Sellers need a real estate professional
  13. Just Listed home
  14. Just Sold home
  15. Under Contract home
  16. Success Stories (i.e. Toot your own horn!)
  17. Marketing Tips – Promoting your business and listings on Facebook
  18. Marketing Tips – Using new technology to promote your listing… or your business
  19. Deal of the Week (highlight best buys in your area)
  20. Subdivision of the Week (use lots of photos and/or video!)
  21. Neighborhood of the Week
  22. Condominium Complex of the Week
  23. Townhome Community of the Week
  24. Loft of the Week
  25. Thursday (or Tuesday) Townhome Tours
  26. Freebie Friday
  27. Weekend Festivals and Events
  28. Weekend FREE Events & Things to Do
  29. 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Condo
  30. 10 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Home
  31. 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Short Sale
  32. 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Foreclosure Home
  33. For Buyers – 10 Reasons Why to Buy a Home this Year
  34. For Buyers – 5 Mistakes that First-Time Home Buyers Make
  35. For Buyers – What Expenses to Expect When Purchasing your Home or Condo
  36. For Buyers – Tips for Interviewing a REALTOR
  37. For Buyers – The importance of hiring a home inspector
  38. For Buyers – Improving your credit score / preparing for homeownership
  39. For Buyers – Checklist for home ownership
  40. For Buyers – Find the best deal on a home (not just the foreclosed home)
  41. For Buyers – Financing options (Conventional Loans, FHA, 403b Streamline, HomePath, etc)
  42. For Buyers – Minimum credit score requirements for Conventional and FHA Loans
  43. For Buyers – Investing in your first property
  44. For Sellers – Tips for Interviewing a REALTOR
  45. For Sellers – Avoiding foreclosure
  46. For Sellers – Staging your home to sell
  47. For Sellers – Pricing your home to sell
  48. For Sellers – What NOT to do when selling your home
  49. For Sellers – Removing pets and pet supplies when showing your home
  50. For Sellers – Preparing the FRONT of your home for sale (clean windows, doors, lights, etc)
  51. For Sellers – 10 Most important marketing tools when selling your home
  52. For Sellers – De-personalize your home before putting it on the market
  53. For Sellers – Home improvements that will increase the value of your property
  54. For Sellers – The benefit of a pre-inspection
  55. For Sellers – Is this the right time to sell your home?
  56. For Sellers – Why isn’t my home selling?
  57. For Sellers – Before and After Staging Photos
  58. For Sellers / Listing Agents – The importance of using a professional photographer
  59. For Homeowners – Reminders to apply for Homestead Exemption (in Georgia)
  60. For Homeowners – Updates on County or City Property Taxes and Milage Rates
  61. For Homeowners – Going Green
  62. For Homeowners – Rebates on energy-efficient items for the home
  63. For Homeowners – Landscaping tips and tricks
  64. For Homeowners – Household repair tips, tricks and reminders
  65. For Homeowners – Resources for home owners in distress (i.e. short sales, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure, etc)
  66. Popular Atlanta Real Estate BlogGoing Green – 10 Ways to green your home interior
  67. Going Green – 10 Ways to be green at the office
  68. Going Green – 10 ways to green your home’s exteriors
  69. Going Green – 10 ways to save energy
  70. Going Green – Local green companies
  71. Going Green – Area green events (i.e. document shredding, fundrasing)
  72. Going Green – Places you can recycle electronics, computers, light bulbs in your community
  73. Going Green – Where to get the best green stuff for your home
  74. Personal Finance – New credit card rules
  75. Personal Finance – Check your credit score for free!
  76. Personal Finance – 529 College Plans
  77. Personal Finance – Tips to Improve your credit score
  78. Hyper-Local – 101 Reasons Why I Love My Town or Neighborhood
  79. Hyper-Local – Neighborhood of the Week
  80. Hyper-Local – Suburb of the Week
  81. Hyper-Local – Things to do in your neighborhood (parks, playgrounds, etc)\
  82. Hyper-Local -Highlight a local business in your neighborhood
  83. Hyper-Local -Promote a special event in your neighborhood
  84. Hyper-Local -Promote a special person in your neighborhood who is committed to helping others
  85. Hyper-Local – A tour of your neighborhood (using photos or video)
  86. Hyper-Local – Restaurant Reviews (with food photos)
  87. Hyper-Local – New locally-owned restaurants or shops
  88. Hyper-Local – Local farmer’s markets
  89. Hyper-Local – New companies moving to your town / employment opportunities
  90. Hyper-Local – Animal Shelters & Rescues (highlight a special pup!)
  91. Hyper-Local – Heliports and small landing fields for jets (great for the luxury market!)
  92. Hyper-Local – Consignment / Yard Sales
  93. Hyper-Local – Get outside!  Hiking trails, bike paths, and parks
  94. Hyper-Local – Volunteer opportunities
  95. Hyper-Local – Offerings at the local library
  96. Hyper-Local – Best Happy Hour
  97. Hyper-Local – Best Golf Courses (and rates!)
  98. Hyper-Local – Best BBQ / Ice Cream / Steaks / Margaritas
  99. Hyper-Local – Local Businesses I Love – feature one a week (i.e. favorite parks, charities, city leaders, restaurants, etc)
  100. Schools – Sporting eventsAtlanta top schools
  101. Schools – Sports – Game Scores
  102. Schools – School supply lists
  103. Schools – Accolades (top schools, recent awards)
  104. Schools – Top Elementary Schools in XYZ
  105. Schools – Top Middle Schools in XYZ
  106. Schools – Top High Schools in XYZ County
  107. Schools – Top Private Schools in XYZ
  108. About Me – Interesting Real Estate Experiences (i.e. whining, complaining, ranting – LOL)
  109. About Me – Personal hobby updates
  110. About Me – 10 Things that set me apart from the competition
  111. About Me – 10 Things about me that most people don’t know
  112. About Me – Book recommendations
  113. About Me – Family updates (birth announcements, 50th Birthday, new puppy, etc)
  114. About Me / Personal — Tribute after loss of a co-worker, client or colleague
  115. Contests – Monthly photo contests
  116. Contests – Best garden or yard in XYZ neighborhood or subdivision
  117. Contests – Partner with a local restaurant and offer monthly coupons on your blog post
  118. Seniors – Things to do
  119. Seniors – Local Resources
  120. Seniors – Popular communities, condos, townhomes
  121. Coupons / Discounts – Offer a weekly or monthly coupon to a local business
  122. New in town?  10 things you MUST do in your first 30 days
  123. New in town?  Important phone numbers and service providers
  124. New in town?  Popular neighborhoods and/or schools
  125. New in town?  Hot spots for dining and night life


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