Posting Image Ads to Craigslist

Here Is HOW You Can Make Image Based Ads Like We Do!

And Bypass The Craigslist Filters…


Use clickable Image Ads to drive traffic to your website.  One of the great benefits of using craigslist is that it can help drive traffic to your websites which may lead to increased business.  When you use image ads, you can make the Image clickable.  To make your Image clickable please see the html example below.


<a href=”“><img src=”http://my-image-url-example.jpg” /></a>


Step 1 is to create the image you want to show in the ad.
Step 2 is to upload that image to your server (avoid storing on public sites like shutterfly, etc as Craigslist will shut you down).  Then copy the url to your new image.
Step 3 is to replace the link above with the link from your newly created image to the red text above.
Step 4 is to paste the landing page/website you want your ad to lead to in place of the blue text above.

Save your code and you have an image based ad.

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