My Ad Was Flagged On Craigslist, HELP!

Frequently we are asked “what did I do wrong” when one of our Members’ ads gets Flagged on Craigslist.  The first and most important note about Flagging is that Craigslist is NOT the one flagging your ads, they don’t flag ads.  Below we have re-printed directly from Craigslist, their page on Flagging.  The key point made is USERS flag ads, and there are not any Craigslist police to regulate when and why people flag ads.  Having had many, many ads flags I have learned some people are just Flaggers and Flag your ads for their own reasons, the solution is to post again.  The upside is when you are flagged, you know your ad was active and seen by many others before the Flagger came along.

Happy posting and keep on putting those ads out there.


Craigslist Flagging Page

craigslist users enjoy free and nearly instantaneous self-publishing of tens of millions of postings each month, subject only to the CL Terms of Use and posting guidelines.

Users may flag postings they believe to be in violation of craigslist guidelines, by clicking on one of the flagging links at the upper right corner of each posting:

  • miscategorized – wrong category/site, discusses another ad, otherwise misplaced
  • prohibited – violates craigslist Terms of Use or other posted guidelines
  • spam/overpost – posted too frequently, in multiple cities/categories, or is too commercial

Free classified ads sufficiently flagged are subject to automated removal.

Forums postings and paid classified ads sufficiently flagged are subject to further review.

Postings may also be flagged for removal by CL staff or automated systems.

Funny or memorable postings may be positively flagged, for inclusion in “best of craigslist“.

Millions of ads are removed through flagging each month, of which the overwhelming majority are in violation of the Terms of Use and/or posting guidelines.

Of course no moderation system is perfect, and a small percentage of ads removed by flagging are compliant.

Flagged postings that meet craigslist guidelines and Terms of Use may be reposted, reworded as necessary.

For help from CL users as to why your ad may have been flagged, visit our flag help forum and provide detailed information about your posting to the forum participants.

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